Date: August 2018
Project Type: Individual project (5days-internship)
Location: Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan
In the summer of 2018, I joined a 5days internship held by Toyota Design division where selected bachelor's and master's design students were tasked to design mobility based on a design brief. That year, our task was to design mobility in 20 years which would be realisable by collaborating with other companies. 
I chose Tokyo Disney Land as a collaboration company and proposed a new attraction content for their customers. I imagined in the attraction, customers can control mobility-unit by themselves being supported by Toyota's self-driving technology. The mobility-unit has the function to interconnect with others. So, they can enjoy driving around and connecting with other customers' mobility-unit. With this design, I explored the possibility where customers will enjoy creating one huge mobility unit with others and racing in a circuit or playground.
I made rendered images with Keyshot and made a presentation to designers in Toyota at the end of the intership.
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